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Learning to Ride Again

Today we learn how to get back on track with the Gospel and God's teachings, and how to make it second nature in our everyday living!

Pentecost Sunday

Join us as we talk about pentecost and prepare to witness life renewal through baptism!

Doing the Work of God

Join us as we learn the importance of doing and training in the work of God!

Join us as we learn the true meaning of fellowship!

Living in Authenticity

Join us as we learn you to recognized and live in the real, authentic gospel!

Happy Mother’s Day

Join us for a special mother's day sermon as we appreciate mom's all over the globe!

Easter Sermon

Happy Easter! Join us as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord!

Release or Resolve

Join us as Rick delivers an amazing sermon on Palm Sunday, Release or Resolve!

Join us as Pastor Randy Carter shares God's plan for him in Tanzania!

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