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Join us as we bring in the New Year as BJ speaks on the advancement of Christianity in the face of opposition! 

Unto Us 2021

Join us as Michael Clarke visits and gives an amazing message leading into the holidays!

Navigating Change

Change is inevitable! Join us as Rick gives us a powerful message on change and allowing the Holy Spirit to guide you through that change!


Happy Thanksgiving! Join us as Michael Clark and his family visit and bless us with an amazing message on gratitude and sharing it with those around us!

Live Open-Handed

God didn't call us to give up! Join us as we learn how to fight alongside each other and our Saviour!


Join us as Pastor BJ talks to us about stumbling. We all stumble, but that is not where we are intended to stay!

Join us as we learn from our special guest speaker about reaching and connecting the Muslim people!

The wisdom of God will seem foolish to the world. Join us as we learn how to obtain Godly wisdom!

The Art of Waiting

Join us as Rick delivers a powerful message about to waiting on the Lord!

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