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Join us this Mission Sunday with Dan and Teri Webb as they give us a challenging message on obedience to God in missions.

Join us as we learn when is the right time to turn the other cheek when struck with adversity!

Join us today as Pastor BJ explains the nuances of Adultery in the teaching of the sermon on the mount.

Join us as we learn to be their for others with no strings attached and love unconditionally!

Join us as we learn how to most effectively be a light for Christ!

Independence Day 2022

Join us for a brief message this 4th of July!

Who Do You Bow To

Join us as guest speaker, Emily Houser, brings a thought provoking and challenging message about idolatry and how it easily seeps into our lives.

Join us as we learn to show the power of God through our actions!

Happy Father's Day! Join us as we celebrate all the hardworking fathers around the world!

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