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How big is the Father's love for us? This week Pastor James shows us the unfathomable love of the father through his four layers of God's Love!

Navigating Change

Join us as we take a short break from our series and talk about change and principles to guide us through it!

People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care! Join us as we continue our series and learn to use our time, talents, and treasures to sow into kingdom of Go...

Serving is not what I do, being a servant is who I am! Join us as Pastor James continues his series on adjusting a generation through good grounds to sow generosity!

Go where God sends you! Join us as Pastor James continues the series, "Generation Adusters," with his three components of the call!

Give and be extravagantly generous! A giving life s a life that attracts the blessing and favor of God. Join us as we continue our series and learn good grounds to sow Generosity!

Private fasting brings open, public reward. Pastor James continues his sermon, Generation Adjusters, with his functions to fasting and praying.

Generation Adjusters

Surrendering yourself to benefit others. Pastor James starts the new year with his four gems to being a generation adjuster.6

Don't just look back, but focus ahead. Pastor James delivers an uplifting message as we start the new year with marvelous mandates to move forward. Happy New Year!

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